Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Recent Accomplishments

I read a blog once a week where the blogger lists her accomplishments for the week.  Then her readers list theirs.  She often has multiple comments.  I love to read the comments because they are so diverse.  I've learned so much from women I've never met that are spread across the country.  They take great pride in caring for their families in any way they are able.  Some work full time , some part time, and some are stay at home parents.  Some live in the country and feed chickens while others take public transportation to work every day. There are single moms, foster moms, all kinds of moms.  The single ladies and the widowed join in as well. The common thread is they do whatever they can to take care of the resources they have with the time they have.. 

I'd like to start a weekly post just like that.  Where we help each other to provide the best for our families.  Some of the lists include things we all currently do.  But, the women get kudos for doing them week after week.  They write about the meals they prepare and saving on gas and groceries.  If there is a good sale at a national grocery, that is included in someone's posted comment. Reusing glass jars and keeping the garden up are areas of pride for many of them.  Included also are prayer requests.  I won't shun from the fact that my life is centered on God.  This may not be a blog for you if this will cause a personal problem.  My hope is you will be able to enjoy the company of some great women and agree to disagree.

So I'll begin and I hope others will feel free to add their accomplishments, whether you consider them small or large.

I used plastic grocery sacks for the trash cans in the house.

I made strawberry jam from berries I got from a local farmer last year.  They were in a food saver bag and lasted the entire year.  Yummy!

I bought an outdoor stove to do my canning on.  I got one that was dented and saved 1/3 of the cost.  Since it runs on twigs, I save quite a bit on electricity.

I used a glass jar to freeze some home made chicken stock.

I bought a frame at the thrift store to make a stenciled picture to hang over my bed.

I amended my garden soil using coffee grounds and egg shells. 

I weeded the garden.

I planted peppers and green bean seedlings I raised from seed.

What have you done this week to save money?  Car pooled?  Took trash to the dump?  It would be fun to hear from you.

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