Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm not the US Postal Service

One thing I have always struggled with is mail.  When I moved here the mail box didn't get much activity.  A month passed and the mail box looked like I lived here for years.  Someone sold my name.  Since I have no bills other than electric, gas, water, etc., I can assume it was one of these companies.  Or maybe the attorney's office where I did my closing.  I don't get upset anymore because it's a waste of my energy.  I just 'file' the garbage in -well - the garbage.  I black out my name and address, and into the recycling it goes.

What to do with what's left?  God help me, I don't know.  I've tried to figure this out for 50 plus years.  I have purchased organizing items, but never seem to figure out how to use them to my benefit.  A weakness I have is to put paper in the right area, but not file it until I feel like it.  Which is normally January 2 of the following year.  For an otherwise organized person, I'm inept at mail sorting and storing.  If I could get my camera to download I'd show you what a mess my mail area is. (I think I may have to send away for the disk to install the camera.)

Get this, I call it my 'humble' area.  That's what I say when someone calls me on it.  'Oh, that keeps me humble and reminds me I'm not perfect.'   Indeed it does.  Not even a multitude of yootoob videos can help.  I know me.  I won't follow through.

So what should I do?  I decided to do nothing about it.  I am what I am.  No one (but perhaps me) is suffering from my glitch.  The rest of the house is neat, clean, and organized.  I think I need to accept this glitch.  Go on with life and be a content girl.  Accept when I'm looking for something I know I have will take a few months off my life with the stress involved in finding it.  After all it's been 50 years.  It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  It does humble me though!


  1. When I read this blog post, I thought about my own mom. She gets LOADS of catalogs and magazines delivered each week. One of my favorite things when I'm at her house is sitting together in her living room in the morning, watching news and Good Morning America, sipping coffee and each of us browsing through her stack. Don't know why, exactly, but it's special time. That said, have you thought about a pretty basket or box to keep your mail pile in? I used to have a pretty basket for magazines. Ah, well...

    1. LOL! I have two pretty baskets. One prettier than the other. I'm afraid I'm a lost cause.