Monday, March 21, 2011

A talk with My RA Manager

A poster (deepindebt) on one of the threads* I visit said this about her trip to Rite Aid yesterday:

"I was at RA today and bought 4 Dial body lotion and only got 1 $1UP :( I did get the $5 for spending $15, but I guess I thought I'd be getting 4 $1 UPs (one for each purchased). Other people finding this too? "

When this happens it is disheartening.  Especially to newbies.  A lot of work goes into the prep of a shopping trip.  In the past RA was the one drug store that we could count on to honor their policies.  If they keep being confused about their own rules, this will be creating an even playing field with their competition.  I hate to see this happening.  RA is doing well with their bottom line with these rewards and we are benefiting as well.  It is a win - win scenario at this point.

So I called the manager of the local RA I visit  most often.  I brought this scenario to his attention.  He's very good at looking into things as it is his desire to manage a well run store.  He's also very fair in his dealings with his customers and is approachable.

I will say that the confusion began when, recently,  hoarders began wiping the shelves clean.  So again I beg you all to be prudent in your purchases and buy at different locations and leave some for others.  We need to find a balance that will benefit everyone in the long run. 

* I won't put the address or link here because they have adult threads on the same boards and I don't want us associated with that kind of information.

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