Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stationary and Office Freebies at RA


If you want an easy way to get started earning up rewards at RA here's a few ideas for you.  The items end up being free when you earn the rewards.  You can then take the rewards back into the store to purchase additional items.  Reader RUBYSLIPPERS uses her rewards to buy eggs and other basic food items.

RA 12/26-01/22 FREEBIES

Harvard Square # 2 Pencils, .99 pack 10.  Buy 2 get 2.00 up reward  (earn .02)

Harvard Square Pink Erasers 2 pack, .99 pack.  Buy 2 get 2.00 up reward (earn .02)

Harvard Square wooden ruler, .99 each.  Buy 2 get 2.00 up reward earn .02)

You earn .06 and got 6 free items.  OR earned .06 and will get 6.00 off your next purchase.

There are additional items that get you 4.00 in up rewards, and the items come out costing very little cash.  Go here to check them out:

Thanks Ruby!

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