Sunday, January 9, 2011

How I Chose What Sale Items to Post

A reader asked me how I choose the deals I post.  That's a great question.  I'll try to make sense in answering it.

This site is about frugal living.  Some of the items I don't post I don't consider frugal.  An example would be a heartburn medication.  I know vinegar relieves heartburn.  So I don't consider buying a product frugal, unless it's free.  Then I donate it to my favorite cause. I use home grown herbs to keep my body healthy, so I won't think vitamins are a frugal item. 

I won't post a sale on jeans that are reduced from 90.00 to 40.00.  I get my jeans (Loft) for a lot less, so I don't consider this frugal when I know there are other lower priced options available.

I post only what I feel is a good addition to a family's needs.  Food, health and beauty aids, clothes, educational toys and DVD's, entertainment, anything that contributes to the healthy formation of a family or person.  Once in a while I'll throw in a treat because treats are part of the whole healthy picture of family life.

If you use an item outside of my posts, that's great.  It works for you and your family.  But chances are you may not find those items here.

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