Sunday, January 9, 2011

RA Savings Add Up ( and up and up) Rewards 01/09- 01/15

Special K cereal bars and cereal are BOGO, 1.00/2 Q in 01/02 insert

Purex laundry items BOGO, 1.00 UP reward on 2

Hall's 70-80 ct.  2.99, 1.00 UP, 1.00/2 Q SS insert 01/02
Final price, 1.49 each

Blink 7.99, rebate 7.99, 1.00 Q SS insert 01/02
1.00 money maker.

Band Aids and Neosporin BOGO 1.50 Q, when you buy one of each, 01/09 SS insert (great stock up item)

Johnson's Baby Naturals, BOG 50%, 1.00 Q 01/09 SS insert (buy and save item)

Listerine products 3/12.00, 3.00 up, 3.00 Q 01/09 SS insert (buy and save item)
final price 2.00 each (read fine print in ad and on coupons)

Nutrisse or Herbshine 5.99, 3.00 Q 01/09 SS insert

Aveeno shampoo or conditioner, 1.00 UP, 1.00 Q SS insert 01/09
RA has a Q in the flyer also, but it looks like it is not valid on hair care.  I would check with the manager.

Trident White or Dentyne Ice, (12 ct), Extra, Wrigley or Freedent 15 ct, Trident 18 ct, Bubblicios (10 ct) or Bubble Tape BOGO (buy and save item)1.00/3 Q 01/02 SS insert

Chunky soup 4/5.00, 1.00 UP reward, 1.00/2 Q 01/02 Nestle insert
Final price: 4/3.00, or .75 each (stock up item)

Finish products BOGO (buy and save item)

Stayfree maxi pads, 2/5.00, 2.00 UP reward (on 2, BOGO Q 01/09 SS insert
I'm going to check this offer out because I think it is 2/5.00, minus 2.50 with the BOGO Q, and 2.00 Up reward.  If this is true, both items will cost .50.

Kleenex BOGO, 1.00/4 Q 01/02 SS insert, 1.00/2 Q video values
Kleexex at my RA is 2.49 a box.  BOGO for 4 boxes brings the price to under 5.00/4, The 2 Q's brings the price down to 3.00/4.  Final price is .75 box ( good stock up item)

Gain dish soap 10.3oz - 11oz, .89

Bounty basics .89

Monostat 1, 16.99, 2.00 UP reward, 3.00 Q 01/09 SS
Final price 11.99  (great stock up item)  This item seems to never be on sale when a girl is in need.

Your first transaction should be a single item with the largest UP reward and the lowest OOP expense.  Then go from there, racking up rewards and using Qs.

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