Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Blessed Floor and Other Blessings

I wish you could have met my husband.  He was a  great dad and mate.  He was a loyal friend, but could write off someone who injured him in a heartbeat.  He would say the 'bad' word when he hit his thumb with a hammer.  He would also say 'I love you' often.

He also was a giving man.  He did things for others without thought of repayment.  The last thing I remember is he fixed quite a few things in a rental house in Virginia without charging the owner.  He installed a garbage disposal for her too and replaced leaking faucets.  He could, so he did. There was no thank you from her, just the expectation.  This bothered me, but not my husband.

This brings us to today.  When we moved to our retirement home, my husband bought wood flooring for the house.  We knew we were aging and wanted to create a safe environment for the last few years.  He was able to install it in the living areas, but passed before the master bedroom was complete.

Our neighbors are a delightful family.  They are young and raising 5 responsible and caring boys.  They built their home from the sweat off their backs and contribute to the well being of a mother who is also a widow.

I asked the dad if he would install the flooring in the master suite.  He agreed.  I wanted to discuss payment.  Never before have I encountered someone who, from the bottom of his heart, (other than my husband) did not want payment.  I tried pushing the issue.  I think because I am not the brightest bulb in the box sometime.  I offended him.  I could hear my husband shouting,  "Just clam up.  You are being repaid for all of the things I did for others. "  I sat and cried, thanking him for still taking care of me.  This, after shouting at him the day before for leaving me.

Our children also concern themselves with my needs.  My son moved in with me to take care of the land.  My daughter and son in law provide me with .great grand children to play with, among other things.  The two daughters who live in Virginia call me often and include me in their lives and the lives of their families.  They even traveled here for Christmas so we could all be together.

These acts of selfless service, to me, confirms that love does live on, even after we have passed.

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