Monday, January 10, 2011

RA Savings Today, 68.75

My RA trip today was fun and I came home with lots of freebies.  The only disappointment was all of the Barilla pasta in town was bought up by one lady.  I wasn't upset over the pasta being gone, but rather that one person was greedy and left nothing for anyone else.  Extreme couponers have an unspoken code, they always leave something for others.  Everyone I know lives by this rule.

Here's the outline of what I did at RA.  (OOP= Out of pocket)

Transaction 1
4 boxes of Special K cereal
BOGO coupon

Total OOP: .96 (I don't know why, but I got such a good deal, I felt it wasn't important to ask why I paid because there is no tax on food in my state)

Received 4 1.00 Up rewards

Transaction 2
Stayfree pads 2/5.00
2.00 Up reward

Total OOP: 2.90 (tax included)

Recieved 2.00 Up rewards

Transaction 3
I took the 6.00 Ups I earned and bought

Blink (7.99) (Full rebate and 1.00 Q, so I made 1.00 on this item)
2 Neosporin BOGO (6.29)
2 Band aids BOGO (4.99)

I used:

1.50 Q on Bandaids and Neosporin
6.00 wellness plus Q (UPs)
2.00 video Q's
1.00Q Blink

Paid 9.77 at the register (Tax included)
But will get back 7.99 for the Blink in rebates

Total OOP: 1.78   (Tax included)                                                      

Transaction 4- 10
I started with 1.00 Up reward

I bought 1 Dinty Moore Stew at 1.99 on the first transaction, then
1 Mentos at .50 transaction 5-10

The first transaction Total:  .99
I received 2.00 in up rewards ( special item to RA for some reason)

Transaction 5-10 I rolled the Up rewards and bought a Mentos for .50.  If I didn't add the filler (Mentos), I could only use one 1.00 up reward because the item cost one cent less than the value of the rewards.

Total OOP:  3.64  (Tax included)                             

Transaction 11
4 Kleenex BOGO 4.98
Vicks Vapo Rub 5.12
2 Reese PB Cups BOGO 1.59

7.59 Manufacture Qs
3.00 Up rewards

Total OOP:  2.39 ( Tax included) 

FINAL TOTAL OOP 11.67 (8% tax included)

Actual prices on items:  80.42

Grand Total of savings: 68.75

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