Friday, January 1, 2010


One of the advantages of a new year is we can start 'fresh' in any area we choose. I'd like to talk about the pantry.

The word pantry means a stock of food and essentials. The stock can be stored any place there is room. I've known people who put some of their stock under a bed in plastic containers. It doesn't matter where the items are stored. It does matter if everything is organized. An organized pantry saves cash. If your par level is 10 cans of soup, an organized area means you can take a quick stock of the number of soup cans you have before you go to the store.

Basic organization means to have like items stored together and labels turned forward. Beyond this your pantry can be personalized. If you use containers to store food, I would suggest plastic ones with lids. Insects can't find what they don't smell. The plastic containers will prevent infestation.

Time is money as well. A quick look is less frustrating and less time consuming than searching in every cupboard or area. The result of frustration can be anger. The next person to cross your path could receive the anger. I guess you could say being organized helps to have a healthy relationship with others.

Basic items in the pantry are a must have. If it comes down to it a meal could be made with just the basics. Try to stock the basics, as everything else, with the lowest prices you can get.

Basic items include:
butter (we are made to digest and process real fats from nature)
baking powder
baking soda

Pancakes, breads, and rues can be made with these few items Even if you ate pancakes 3 three times a day, you will never starve when you have these items.

Basic spices include:
salt (replaces electrolytes)
pepper (starves off bacteria)
parsley (good for blood sugar)
garlic powder ( good for blood pressure and starves off bacteria)
onion powder ( tastes good)
cinnamon (lowers blood sugar)
vanilla in any form (smells good and tastes good)

Any additional spices are welcomed. The easiest and cheapest way to flavor food is with the use of a variety of spices.

Out of season fresh veggies don't need to be bought. They don't have much of a taste to them anyway. In the winter you can get the benefits of veggies by stocking:
garlic (fresh)
During the growing season eat as many as you can. These items can be supplemented with canned and frozen veggies. Hopefully purchased on sale.

Winter fruits are:
oranges and all citrus fruits
These can be supplemented with frozen, canned or dried fruits. We eat dried apricots, cranberries, raisins, and prunes in the winter. Prunes look funny, but the fact of the matter is prunes are dried plums.

Other items to finish out your stock include:

canned meat and tuna
condiments in individual packets or small sealed containers and regular size containers for every day use
dry milk (cooking or drinking)
candy or goodies
meats of your choice (on sale)
dried beans
peanut butter
jam or jelly
confectioner's sugar
brown sugar
cake mixes
other spices you use
anything else your family eats

The pantry contains not only food, but items needed if the power goes out. A hand can opener, candles, flashlight and batteries, matches, a charcoal (and charcoal) or gas grill, and paper plates, cups, and plastic ware. We have water too. Don't forget the pets. They need their nourishment as well.

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