Sunday, November 8, 2009

Save Money / Dump the Foil and Plastic Wrap

I know it's Sunday so this will be a short entry. For a while I have been upset that I have been using foil and plastic wrap. By a while, I mean years. I've read over this time that each could have an adverse health effect. I am also uncomfortable using plastic storage containers. Even though the answers were in front of me, I felt my hands were tied. I thought there was no foil for my grandparents. What did they do? Glass was the answer. I had forgotten about glass because plastic is all around us.

I went to K Mart and purchased a set of glass storage bowls of varied sizes. (on sale) The lids are plastic, but they don't touch the food. I began to save glass containers that food came in. My barley is stored in an Arizona tea bottle. It looks rather nice.

I hunted down ceramic cooking containers at garage sales from the 60's that have ceramic covers. These can't be used in the microwave, but do a great job in the oven under 400 degrees. At times I'll cover a roast or other big meal with an old cookie sheet I no longer use for cookies. The only time I use foil for cooking is to tent a chicken or turkey. Perhaps one of you have an idea for solving this problem.

Also, I do use plastic wrap to store food in the freezer. It's a little bit better than plastic bags because very little air can penetrate a tight wrap.

I didn't make these changes to be frugal. I did it to take a proactive approach to keeping my family healthy. Being frugal is an afterthought. But, I'm glad frugal is a part of it.

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