Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being a Mom is Lovely

Today is a rest day for me. By that I mean the only things I have done are things at home. Things done at my pace.

Young mothers / women have so much on their plates these days. Kids, work, spouses, shopping, etc. There's time to sleep after midnight.

I remember those days and loved every minute of them. I can remember thinking at 10 years old that I wanted to be a mom. I decided then I would have 2 girls. I did indeed have 2 girls. Then I had a son and another girl. All four of them have brought DH and I so much happiness. Now some of them are having children. I can now spoil a child. No need for gram ma or Pop Pop to discipline. Just fun when we're with them.

My advice? Love your children. Do not shower them with gifts or material items. Give them your time and heart. Don't take it personal when they talk back but correct them when they do.

The most difficult thing? To discipline when they are sad. Moms hold tears back when they have to do this. But as my daughter says it's either 'they cry now or you cry later'.

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