Sunday, November 1, 2009

Money is A Tool, Part 2

You wouldn't think that purchasing food could be described as discretionary spending. But if we look at what we purchase, we can usually find discretionary spending. An example of this could be purchasing 4 different fresh fruits during one shopping trip. One of the fruits goes bad because too large of a quantity was purchased. It has to be pitched down the disposal. Or the obvious is chocolate. I am guilty of buying chocolate in large quantities. Now I purchase less, on sale, but purchase enough to last to the next sale. (This also gives me time to collect coupons for a product.) All stores have sale cycles. This is the amount of time a store chooses between putting the same items on sale. Some stores have 8 week cycles, other go as far as 12 weeks. You'd have to follow the ads to find out what the precise cycle is for that store.

Money belongs to each of us. We work(ed) for it, in one way or another. By purchasing un-needed items, we are making a choice to give the money to someone else. I decided a while back that this was not the way I wanted to spend retirement.

This blog will provide ideas and ways to save money. And spend money. Any ideas or comments are welcome.

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