Sunday, November 1, 2009

Four Meals Out of 2 Pounds of Burger / For Three People

I bought 2 lbs of hamburg. It was not on sale, but my family was complaining there was no hamburg in the house. So to keep the piece I broke down and bought some. Here's what I did with it in just over 10 minutes. I put it all in a bowl and added 1 egg, salt, pepper, milk, oats (small amount) and bread crumbs. After mixing these ingredients I made 3 hamburg patties, wrapped them and put them in the freezer. To the remaining mixture I added spices (of your choosing) I divided this mixture into 2 sections and made 10 meatballs with half of it. I made tomato sauce for today's dinner. The remaining mixture I added ketchup and mustard and formed a meatloaf. As Paula Deen says, "A meatloaf is nothin' more than a large hamburg.". It made sense to me so I started doing as she suggested and putting mustard and ketchup into my meatloaf. The forth meal, for us, is meatball subs/sandwiches.

Now that's Fast Food!

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