Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Strawberries and Other Things

Between rain storms I checked on the berries in the yard.   Look what I found!  There's hundreds on the plants, but most are still green. The spring before last I planted five plants.  This spring they have grown to fill the space and are coming out of the spaces between the side wall bricks.

The grands came to visit Friday evening and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  The berries came from the grocery which I price matched at WM for 2.00 a pound.  Five of the berries needed to ripen more so they were put aside until they ripened.  Last night I sliced them and dried them to preserve them.

I laid them on the fruit roll up sheet in the drier, but they stuck to the sheet.  I was able to lift up all but two slices to place them on the regular rack.  Next time I will put the plastic sheet under the regular tray filled with berries so if any shrink and fall through the holes, the sheet will catch them.

Mother's Day was a nice day for me this year.  The family took me out to breakfast at a buffet.  Then I went shopping with S and the kiddos.  Her kids needed shoes as both outgrew them at the same
Another quiche was added to the menu as well as macaroni and cheese.  Any left overs were used up after those two dishes were made.

I used ibotta again this week and saved 6.50.  My total in rebates has reached over 36.00.  That number includes 10.00 earned from two people signing up under my name.  Because we are now considered a team, I also eanred a 2.00 bonus for a Mother's Day promotion.  So far this week I don't see anything on ibotta that interests me.  They will add more so I'll check each day to see if there is anything that I buy.  It really doesn't matter if there is because anything I earn from the app is 'gravy'.  I'll just wait to cash it in and use the money for gifts.

In the event anyone would like to add their name to my team this is the code to use:  jdwerpv
As a disclosure, you will earn 10.00 for joining and I will be gifted 5.00.

Here's a DIY idea for a small gift that S. came up with.

Dollar Tree LED chunky candle
embellishments (optional)

Measure the straws a half inch longer than the candle and cut them.  She used 24 straws.  Glue them to the perimeter of the candle.  A glue gun works best.  Embellish if desired.  Just a few minutes and a lovely gift is created.

Stay safe.


  1. Beautiful strawberries are growing in your garden! I guess, it is a type of woodland
    strawberries. These are small, but they are very tasteful and they reproduce strongly
    with many stolons. They taste good with vanilla ice-cream and give a special flavor
    in fruit salads.

    1. When I bought the plants the tag said ever bearing. I will say the first one I picked was yummy good! I will take your suggestion and have some with ice cream this summer. Sounds good to me.

  2. Another interesting post Angie. This last week I have been trying to catch up on my professional work. My case load has increased dramatically. On the home front I am still working on minimising my wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes! Ridiculous really how much of everything a lot of us own. The more things you have the more work there is. I will never be a minimalist but I can drastically reduce my possession's and be mindful of what I buy. Have a great week, hope you are ok. X

    1. Before I forget again - I sent out the book on Monday. I filled out paper work for international mailings. Please let me know when you receive it. I'm fine just been down with whatever is going around this area. It seems everyone is sick. Stay safe.

    2. Thanks so much Angie , I'm so looking forwards to this . X