Monday, May 16, 2016

Requested Post/ Gold Project YT Channel

I was watching a video on yoo toob this morning about planner carry cases.  Gold Project was comparing the Erin Condren case with the 31 zipper case.  I happened to mention I use the zipper cases for travel cubes to keep my suitcase neat and orderly.  Gold Project asked for a picture, but being a bit challenged I was unable to figure out how to grab a picture to put in the comment section.  I offered to put pictures on my blog and she accepted.

Here, Gold Project are the results.

If I knew I wanted more than one
pouch, I would have chosen the
yellow flowers one as a
coordinated set.  By the time I
 figured it out, the yellow was discontinued.
The bag holds five days worth of
undies and socks without being
squished.  I also carry a laundry
bag with a bar of nice smelling
soap so the dirty laundry smells
This easily holds my tablet, pen,
paper, address book, and phone.
Just to let you know, I'm not noted
for my photographic ability!

I keep cotton swabs and discs in
a plastic bag , as well as bottles, in the bag.
Any other toiletry would go in the bag
such as toothpaste, body wash, perfume,

Despite my lack of great photos, I hope this has helped.
Stay safe. 


  1. Angie I think you did well with those photos and as always a big thanks for another great post. Hope you are enjoying lovely spring weather. X