Friday, February 5, 2016

The Week Wraps Up

Friday is trash pick It seems the trash did not take itself out last night so this morning I popped out of bed to put it to the curb at 6 AM.  It was cold and rainy and I noticed ice forming on the driveway, so I had to check today's weather.  High of 46 (F).  OK, relax the ice will melt with the sun.  That bed looked mighty fine so in I went only to wake up at 11:45.  Holy tamoly!  I didn't know I was so tired.  I call it lazy, but since retirement is my life these days, being lazy once in a while is OK with me.

Miss Marley had to visit the vet this week because she has an eye that was seeping.  The vet discovered a benign lesion on the inside of the lid that will need to be surgically removed in the near future.  He gave me salve to help the eye feel better and as soon as I receive the cost estimate Marley will have her surgery.  Since Marley has boxer in her, moles are a common occurrence for that breed.  She is going to be mad at me when she has to wear one of those ridiculous cones around her head so she doesn't try to remove the itching the stiches will cause.

Look what I found at the Wal Mart grocery store for88 cents.  Not very sweet, but very yummy.

Who knew Goya made cookies.  My son once told me to check out
the Hispanic section at the grocery because the prices are
better.  How right he was.

I was watching a couple Valentine decorating videos this morning (afternoon) so I was inspired to bring out the sparse and frugal decorations.  For my new readers - I have a love of paper doily hearts that was fostered as a child.  I brought out the ones  I used last year, but set them up a bit differently.  The inexpensive dollar store banner I made last year went back on the fireplace and I used only three hearts on the table with candles this year.  The other two went on the front window to surprise the little ones next door.  In place of purchasing candy for my family this year I think I'll make some sugar cookie hearts for everyone, to include the three little ones next door.

The small boxes displayed came from the dollar store after Valentine
Day last year.  They were three packages of two for a dollar.  So the
remaining boxes don't go to waste, I'll offer them to S for the
little ones.

If I were to estimate the cost of this banner it would be
under $1.00.  All items came from the dollar store, but I
used partial product from the ribbon and hearts.

The impatience of waiting for the curtains I ordered from Penney's for the office is getting to me.  Impatience is not the norm for me, but I feel the wait has been much longer than I'm use to.  Most things ordered online are done so on amazon and their shipping is fast.  My son in law put up the curtain rod for me this week so everything is ready to hang the curtains.  S will come over to hang them when they arrive because they are 95 inches long and I have promised my kids I wouldn't get on a ladder with no one here to spot me.

The creative streak I've been fostering came about full force yesterday.  The cast iron pan I cleaned, but didn't put away, was on the counter.  I had a bag of apples.  I put the two together and found a smile on my face.  I'm loving it.

I think this arrangement is so cute.  It fits into my kitchen
d├ęcor nicely.

Talking about loving it, in honor of Valentine Day I want to list three things I love.  I'm not going to mention my family and friends, my readers,  or God because they are a given.  Can't live without them.

1.  Marley pup.  Such a great and sweet companion.
2.  My home which protects me and inspires me.
3.  Good healthy foods that I'm discovering and the ability to afford some of them.  I consider this quite the blessing at a time that our country is going through tough times.

What do you love in your life?  Do you feel you are creative?  Or a problem solver?  Hearing drom you is a blessing in my life.

Stay safe.


  1. Angie you must have needed the sleep. I hope dear Marley is ok after her surgery. I really like your decorations and certainly looks creative to me....... Thank you Angie for your blog posts and I was happy to see this post this morning. I am thankful for my family, my home and my pets, my work and my garden and my interests and my faith. I am so blessed to have three beautiful sons and a supportive husband and my mother, my sister , my nieces and the rest of the family. I'm thankful for where I live and the things I have. Thank you for your blog and your lovely presence in my life.x

    1. What a blessed life you have! This makes me happy to know. Thank you for the warm comments about the blog. Hug those pups for me and Marley. She would sniff them then go lay down. Such a dog girl she is.

  2. I forgot to mention my two poodles who I love so much and are a daily joy. They love me and are my constant companions. My life is a better one with these two pooches.

    1. Please see the above reply. Thank you for your support.

  3. Most of us have many things to be thankful for. I would like to mention how thankful I am
    for having such a very good, very fertile garden soil. We have "pampered" it for many years
    and decades with best home-made compost and no chemicals at all. There is a thick humus layer with a very rich soil life. We want to give this to the next generation. But I should
    also mention that we live in the rather mild south-west corner of Germany and it´s a
    wine-growing area.

    1. What a gracious gift to leave for those that follow in your footsteps. Living in the middle of wine country is fun. When I lived in the North there were many wineries around us. I don't drink often, but when I do I drink wine my cousin sent me from Oregon. He has a winery and produces award winning wines. My favorite is the bottle he sent me from his private stock. I could get to like it - a whole lot!