Monday, December 21, 2015

Hacks that Don't Work for Me

Just a short post today to clue you all in on a couple of hacks that don't work. Not for me, anyway.

1.  Dollar Tree batteries are a no go.  I put them in the LED candles I bought and they lasted three days, at about four hours a day.   Lots of ladies on yoo toob say they're good.  No they're not!

2.  I also tried the hack women are raving about - turning granulated sugar into confectioner sugar.  I have a NINJA for gosh sakes.  I let that baby run for a good four minutes.  I ended up with smaller granules, but no fine confectioner sugar.  I wanted to try it before I put it on the blog.  So glad I did.  If you have luck with this, let us know.  Maybe I did something wrong.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Ham and cheese on rolls
Jello for the kiddos
Watergate salad
Brie with raspberry sauce
Cheese and crackers
Cheese ball (olive)
Lettuce and tomato platter (for sandwiches or salad)
Dessert (to be determined)

Dinner will be at my home and lunch will be at S.'s home.  We usually eat light on Christmas Eve because there's so many last minute things the moms have to wrap up.

I wish all of my readers that celebrate Christmas the most blessed of day with those you love.  Oh, and a full tummy!  Merry Christmas.

Stay safe


  1. Dearest Angie I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. I would like to thank you Angie for being the dear and wonderful woman you are. Thank you for your blog and your many wonderful tips and ideas you share with us. I think of you as a kind and wise friend I catch up with on a regular basis. Your blog is like spending a few minutes with a friend having a good chat. Merry Christmas and my most sincere thanks for being such a special presence in my life .

    1. Aw, thank you for the heartfelt comment. It's most appreciated and considered as a gift from you. I hope your day was filled with great fun with family and friends. Hugs

  2. Hello Angie,
    I buy alkaline AA and AAA batteries from the Dollar Tree and never have had a problem. Maybe you got a defective batch?
    Your Christmas Eve menu sounds just right - yummy but not too filling (all the better to feast on Christmas Day!)
    May you have a very Merry Christmas!
    Jo Ann

    1. You may be right. I'll give it one more try on your recommendation. We were stuffed with all that food and the daughters brought some home for later. Thank you for the well wishes. We had a great time, as I hope you did.

  3. I grind granulated sugar down for cakes but could not envisage getting it to a powder. I buy rechargeable batteries for everything, so much easier.

    1. My daughter said maybe I didn't do it long enough. I smiled and said I'd be buying powdered sugar in the store.

  4. That is an extensive offer on your Christmas buffet! I would choose a cheese roll, some tomato slices and also pick some olive cheese balls. For a dessert I would take a piece of
    well-tempered, mature brie.
    Joy and peace to you and all your friendly readers wherever they live. And I thank you for
    the time and effort you spent in creating your useful blog.

    1. Thank you for recognizing the time it takes to blog. Each post does take from one and a half to two hours to do. Even the shorter ones. I love doing it thought so the time flies by.

  5. Have a very merry Xmas with your loved ones. Thank you for your blog which I discovered not
    very long ago - just when I had decided to go my own frugal way. At least I am trying!

  6. A big warm welcome to you, Knitter93! My thought is whomever finds me will be a good friend of the blog. I'm so glad you are with us. Angie