Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Week at Angie's House

The house is officially decorated for fall.  A few pumpkins and the highlight of the garland on the fireplace.  Just in time for the fall weather to blow in.  I'm not sure if the weather will continue to be fall like, but I certainly appreciate the cooler air and wonderful wind that's ushering it in.

Another thing I do to prepare for the colder months is bring out the quilt my daughter made for me from my husband's clothes.  It was in storage for the summer in a bag so out on the patio to air out it went, after a quick tumble in the dryer with an odor remover.

Yesterday I had a salesperson in to give me a quote for a storm door.  I was thinking along the lines of using the sun to heat the house during the colder months, hopefully saving money on heating costs.  Sticker shock hit me so I began to rethink things.  I need to get another quote before I make any decisions.  At a price tag of 685.00, it would take a long time to recoup my losses.  The ten year warranty doesn't do me much good at my age - who knows if I'll ever be walking the earth in ten years?

I received a package from a friend yesterday that lifted my spirits, changing the direction of my thoughts.  She sent me a cool set of cards in a little plastic box that contained the profiles of some of the saints. My favorites are: St Michael the Archangel, Gabriel, Mary, and St Josephis behalf.h.  I've recently added St Joseph out of respect for the love my husband had for him.  I'm becoming quite fond of the man my husband modeled himself after, in his mature years.

A little story about my new found friendship with St Joseph.  My younger brother has had a number of strokes and is confined in a wheelchair with no use of his right side.  I did a novena to St Joseph in his behalf.  Two days after the novena was complete my brother called me all excited.  He did a push up!  This was exciting news.  The news dampened my spirit when I told him I did the novena and he should thank St Joseph for his prayers to God on my brother's behalf.  His response was he did it,  It was all him.  Why is it so difficult for him to say a simple thank you to someone who has the power to go before the thrown of God on his behalf?  Not worshipping him, St Joseph would not like that, just thanking him for his caring and loving nature.  I'll never understand the ego of man.

So, onward.  A young man in my neighborhood is coming to my house to help me with the changes in my back yard.  The blackberries need to be cut back as do the strawberries.  The part of the task I'm looking most forward to is removing the grass and replacing it with sand and large pavers.  I have discovered I have a hate relationship with grass.  I only left it so the pup would have an area to do her business.  She prefers the rock area for that.  So goodbye (I hope) grass.

I checked the grocery ads this morning and saw oranges were three for a dollar and Special K cereal was 1.99.  My mission today is to gather those items and stock up.  The price on the oranges tells me the price is soon to go way high.

I did more damage this past Sunday while watching a shopping channel.  They had a name brand food processor with juicing and blender accessories.  Great price and no shipping charges. I've bee wanting to get into juicing and I hate my current food processor, so the time was right.  I have been waiting over two years for something I could afford.  Not only is price important to me, so is quality.  This machine completes my kitchen needs.  Especially since it also grinds meat.  I can choose a cut of meat and turn it into hamburg knowing exactly what I'm eating.  It also kneads bread.  I'm loving it.

Pup went to the vet this week for a nail trim.  On close inspection her ears revealed an infection.  She's such a good girl and takes her medicine like a trooper.  She also had a shot for kennel flu so yesterday she was down and out a bit.  This morning she's back to her normal energy level.

Stay safe.


  1. We still have to harvest our 5 pumpkins. My daughter´s family will make a pumpkin cutting event. It is fun for the children,
    But we do not eat this vegetable as we don´t like the taste. And Halloween is not a theme for us,
    A quilt made out of your late husband´s clothes - it is hard for me to choose the words best suited. It is touching to me.
    So many feelings and emotions. So many memories.

  2. I hope you don't think the quilt makes me sad. It's one of my small comforts. Bob was a good man and remembering him with love is my tribute to him for taking care of us his whole life. Thank you for the sentiment. It's so appreciated.

  3. I think your quilt is a beautiful thing to have. Well you have been busy as usual Angie. Your fall decorations look lovely. Glad to hear Marley is on the mend and her ear infection is being treated. One of my dogs has had the same thing. Take care Angie and have a lovely weekend.

    1. You can imagine how I cried my eyes out when I opened that gift. Miss Marley is her spunky self today. By spunky I mean she wakes up to eat and do her business and say hello before she continues her nap.

  4. Glad to hear Miss Marley is back to her usual spunky self. She seems such a sweet dog with a very sweet face.