Monday, February 9, 2015

What a Lovely Weekend!

Weekends are normally low key this part of the South.  Most everyone else is out on the roads, so my part is to stay close to home.  There's no sense in me combating traffic if I have the opportunity to accomplish what I need to during the week.

This weekend was a bit different.  I went bridal gown shopping with my daughter and her friend.  Both of these ladies did some online research and were set on a particular gown.  Three gowns later, and the bride to be looked lovely in a different gown.  One that she didn't think would work for her.

Since this took less than an hour to accomplish we needed to decide if we would go to breakfast or wait for lunch time. Either way, our plan was to eat out.  We decided to go to TJ Maxx until lunch time.

I splurged on a new sheet set and blanket for a total of $65.00 for the queen bed.  The blanket was a king size at a reduced $25.00 in a soft grey.  I scooped it up and am glad I did.  At home the sheets and blanket went into the washer and on to the bed.  It felt so good to sleep on fresh sheets and snuggle into the warm blanket.  I forgot to mention I have been using one sheet set for close to three years.  It got washed and dried and put back on the bed.  I didn't realize how uncomfortable and ratty it had gotten.  These past two nights I have slept like the proverbial baby on the new sheets.

After a successful shopping trip the time had come for lunch.  We ate at a local pub that was near TJ Maxx.  The excitement mounted when I saw they were offering a hot dog with chili, cheese, onions, and all of the fixings of a New York dog.  My daughter only had to fork out five dollars for my lunch.  (I informed her she was treating today!  LOL)

Sunday the temperature hit 66 degrees (F) and the whole city was moved into action.  Windows flew open, cars were washed and cleaned, and laundry was hung outside.  There was activity in my quiet neighborhood as moms walked babies, neighbors sat out in lawn chairs, and pups went for brisk walks - mine included.

The garage was swept and all of the recyclables went to the big bin near the mail boxes.  All of the windows were opened wide and the floors got swiffered.  What a glorious day it was.  We are expecting the same weather today so it will be taken advantage of and the olive tree will get re potted in the larger container that's been waiting for just such a day.

This morning I saw some Valentine ideas on Pinterist and adapted one for the kitchen table.  I already had the supplies on hand so I arranged them in a pleasing setting on the table.  Not rocket science, but cute.

Friday I went to the dollar store to find they are starting to put out gardening supplies.  Seeds are four for a dollar and they had clay pots - not huge, not small, just the size I wanted for my seedlings.  Parsley, lettuce, basil, and cucumber seeds found their way into the basket.  The final item was a new pair of bright pink gardening gloves.

The next couple of days I have to finish up the foods I've started to eat.  This morning I had crackers with pistachio butter and bananas with a glass of milk.  A good balance of carbs and proteins with a fresh fruit thrown in for good measure.  The plan is to cut up some carrots and celery for snacks as well as cheese.  I have to work on the apples I got a couple of weeks ago for .50 cents a pound, too.  Keeps me out of trouble and productive.

What have you been up to?  I love reading the comments and hearing about your 'adventures' in the simple life.

Stay safe.


  1. Your new garden gloves can´t get lost so easily because of their bright pink color.
    I tend to loose my little garden knives and sometimes find them weeks later.
    I think, I should have garden knives with bright pink handles. Easier to spot probably.
    Our gardening season here in Southern Germany will not start before the beginning of march.

    1. Our area has 2 growing seasons - under normal conditions. This year it has been rather cold so I'm not sure my winter garden will survive. Tomorrow night the temperatures are predicted to go 20 degrees (F) lower than the normal for this time of the year. I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens to my veggies until the next day.

  2. During the cold winter months I still have some salads in my garden. There are lamb´s lettuce and some endive under a double
    layer of gardening fleece. I also like this sort of fleece in spring to cover seeds and young seedlings which helps to keep the soil moist and also protects against birds. In February I put small glass cloches over chive which gives us a nice earlier crop.
    Angie, I wish you a successful start in the new gardening season! Christel

  3. Thank you for the good wishes, Christel. Good thoughts are much appreciated. I hope you see this comment because I'd like to know more about garden fleece. I put a layer of pine boughs over the plants as well as leaves, hoping this will protect the plants. Fleece just sounds so much more cozy and warm.

  4. Angie, look on YOUTUBE under "Fleece-using it on your vegetable beds" (Learnhowtogarden). Good instruction.
    You can buy it in gardencenters and it will keep for years. You can also put some pieces of wood or stones on the
    corners of the fleece to keep it on the soil (very light weighted) In spring and summer when seeds germinate they do not
    dry out when it´s too hot.and salads are really more tender under fleece. Give it a try! And excuse my poor English. Christel

  5. Thank you, I'll check that out. As far as your English is concerned, I thought you were an educated American living in Germany. Your written word (English) is better than 90% of those who have English as their first language. If the truth be known I'm a grammar watcher. My standards have been reduced because I know the schools don't put an emphasis on the written word any longer. It's a shame, but it is what it is.