Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine Day

In the later years of my marriage Valentine Day was the one time my husband presented me with a bouquet of tulips.  They're my favorite flower.  When they settle in, they take on a free form rather than a formal look.  Even after he has passed, someone in my family makes sure I get tulips for Valentine Day.  This year it was me.  I found a bouquet for $4.99 when I was at Trader Joe's.  The bouquet had 4 more stems in it than the ones in the grocery stores for $5.00 less.

I love how the stems take on a life of their own when tulips get comfortable in their surroundings.

Valentine Day is for lovers.  I don't buy anything for the grandchildren because their parents take care of them.  Once in a while I will purchase something for family members who live close to me.  My prime store?  The Dollar Tree.

I bought the bags 2/1.00
Note pads, 1.00 each
Towel, 2.00 each with Kohl's cash
Small perfume spray, free with a coupon at VS
Large room spray, I can't remember where I got it, but I paid 2.00 for each
Candy, .75 each bag.  This came from TJ's, but I couldn't put it in my blog post because it was to be part of these gift bags.
Magnet, 1.00 each
TOTAL, 7.25 each bag

I had the ribbon from an earlier DT haul this month.  The cupcake holders were on sale for .25 and the bags have been in my cupboard for three years.  Funny how I can remember what I pay for something, but not where I got it.


Instead of having the decorations scattered, I put them all in the kitchen area.  The 'welcome' sign came from - you guessed it - the Dollar Tree.  I moved the swag off of the fireplace and swaged it on the pantry door.  Small heart stickers in the center of each doily heart are from the DT, as well.

I wish my readers true love on Valentine Day as well as throughout the year.

Stay safe.


  1. I am always reading DOLLAR TREE ! That seems to be a special store in the US.
    Well, it is nice when you can buy there whatever you want and it is probably
    not so expensive.
    I am also looking forward to tulips in the garden. And they even "grow" larger in vases. So many colours!

  2. To me it's special. Everything costs $1.00, no matter what it is. The store has a few items that the company makes so they are there all of the time. Most items, however, are bought out from other sources so you hve to go there at least once a week to grab them before they are gone. Those items may never be there again. As an example: I bought one soy candle. I heard they burn even and to the very last drop. It's true, they do. When I went back for more candles, they were gone from the shelves. Most stores have foods in them, as well. If I don't have home made chicken stock, I buy the DT one. It has nothing in it but chicken stock.

    I can't say how much I love tulips. Enjoy!