Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Envelope Budgeting

There are a few yoo toobers I watch that are young families trying to make the best out of what can be described as a less than ideal national economic picture.  They want to get out from under debt and live a life free from the emotional bond debt brings with it.  I give a lot of credit to these young families for their fortitude.  I cheer them on in the comment section and pray for them when they're faced with adversity. 

One of the channels I have recently subscribed to is 'A Family of Four'.  This morning's video is about the 'envelope' system they use to budget their income.  The title caught my eye because that's the system I used when the family was young.  The difference being this yoo toober has a system that is more detailed than mine was.  Mine worked for us, but I see where I could have been more detailed. 

As an example:  She has an envelope for diapering the baby.  She uses cloth diapers, but needs wipes and the such.  The diapers category was in my 'food' envelope.

Take a look if you've been struggling with how to budget for 2015.  You may find a spark that will prompt you into a system of your own.

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