Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Don't Worry, God Has Your Back - A Miracle Defined

Each morning when I wake up the first thing I do is say my prayers.  I'm thankful for this because it's my feeling that saying prayers is the most important thing I can do in this season of my life.  This morning was different.  I woke up with the past in my thoughts.  The past is somewhere I seldom visit, but this was different.  I was reminded of a time that we seldom talk about in our family because we believe in moving forward and counting our blessings each day.  This experience was no different as far as counting blessings because that's what I was doing - thanking God for His goodness to us.

I'd like to share something that only family and close friends know happened in my family.  For no other reason than to share God's goodness.

When our son was four years old he was diagnosed with AML.  AML is a rare leukemia that very few people survive.  My thoughts are not about the pain and suffering, but rather the things God did to protect us and help us through the eight years that he was ill.  One thing in particular.....

B and all of his siblings- there were three siblings- had to be tested for DNA because B needed a bone marrow transplant.  We had to fly to Sloan Kettering for the tests.  I packed up the four kids for a stay at the Ronald McDonald house on 57th street in Manhattan and we took a flight to New York City.  I don't remember any glitches, the kids did well on the flight and it was easy to get a cab.  The testing was simple as all that was needed was a blood draw from each of the children.  Then home we went.

Mission accomplished.  Three days later we got a call from the hospital that revealed we had to repeat the testing.  All of this was getting rather expensive so Bob stayed behind again to work and the kids and I packed up for the trip again.  No glitches, all went smooth.  It never occurred to me to ask why we had to return for more blood tests.  Sloan Kettering was the best in the world, I had complete trust in the facility.

A few days later another call came in which again was a request for us to return for more blood tests.  It was tiring, but again with pure faith I packed up the kids and off we went.  This time a corporation flew us on a private jet.  I can't remember how we were connected with them, probably the hospital made some calls.  Waiting for us was a Towne car at the airport.  This, without a doubt, was the nicest flight of all the flights we took to New York City in the coming years.

The tests under our belt, we flew home to be relieved to plop on our very own couch.  The couch that we seldom sat on unless it was a holiday or special occasion.  (Long story)

A few days later the call came in with the results of the elaborate testing.  All four of our children were a perfect DNA match!  This has never happened before.  The hospital thought that mistakes had been made and needed the kids to be tested three times because they had never before seen perfect DNA matches.  I'm not sure if they have seen this since, but our family was quite famous in the halls of Sloan Kettering Hospital on York St in New York City.

This is what was brought to mind as I tried to open my eyes this morning.  How good God is, even in the mist of chaos and the most pain a family could experience.  He had our backs all through that eight year ordeal. 

There were a million other times during life that He covered our backs, but this one stood in the fore front this morning.  I woke with thanksgiving on my heart.  What a delightful way to greet the new day. 

Thanksgiving, even for what we perceive as bad things, is one of the most freeing intangible weapons we have at our disposal.  Thanksgiving to God keeps us emotionally and mentally free from depression and anger.  It's not something that is prescribed by a medical provider, but rather prescribed by the Master.  So I would ask you today, if you are going through something that is unpleasant, turn to God and heaven for assistance.  Begin thanking God for the bad thing and feel His compassion and love as He carries you through the situation.  He is our only hope that can be counted on in all things.

Stay safe.


If you'd like to hear more about miracles, leave a comment.  I have lots of them to share.


  1. Yes, please, more miracle stories!
    I am post-surgery, post-chemo, and will be having some preventative radiation treatments soon. All through the process, I've needed to turn to God, and every reminder to do so is enormously helpful. It is all too easy to start worrying and questioning.
    Jo Ann

  2. First I would like to welcome you, Jo Ann, to Angie's House. Second, please know that I sympathize with you one percent and commend your brave soul for doing all you can to stay the course and trusting God. You are being turned to gold. When I was unable to pray, I simply said -as Jesus instructed in scripture - an Our Father. I'm sure you are familiar with that prayer, too. Perhaps my son's outlook would help you on the remainder of your journey. He called cancer 'the dragon' and asked his dad to make him a sword so he could slay the dragon. He was four at the time. He is now 33 and just got married this summer. God bless you and you are now on my morning prayer list.