Sunday, November 2, 2014

This Week's Acomplishments

This week's accomplishments were mostly around the house, once the weather turned cold.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been very windy and so cold for this old body to handle.  It was so cold Friday night I didn't join a little neighborhood get together with my family.

This week's accomplishments:

I found 2 Christmas gifts at Target - on sale - for one of my sons in law.

There was a hoodie at Target that I knew would look terrific on my eldest grandchild.  I picked that up, as well.

I baked a cake with home made frosting to send to the get together.  The four year old (I'm told) had a couple pieces, then decided it was the frosting he liked best and scooped up some frosting while announcing that he may as well because it was what he really liked!  The frosting was made with all organic items with my home made vanilla.  It was pretty good. (I have no problem with confidence - as you can see.)

All of the bedding got washed, dried, and put back on the bed.  I only have one set so if I don't follow through, I have to sleep on the mattress pad.  I make sure I follow through!

I took down the bird feeder and bird bath.  Washed them and stored them for the winter.

I ate cut up carrot sticks and the last pepper from the garden for snacks.

The Christmas gifts I have been accumulating all year were sorted.  I bought tape and scissors from the dollar store to keep upstairs where the gifts are stored. 

I re arranged a few things to add a new environment to the house.  My daughter gave me a basket that I put in the bedroom - on top of the cabinet.  I like it.  She got it at Michael's when they had their grab bag days for 2.29.  What a find. 

I went through my magazines and donated some of them.  I'm not very fond of Martha Stewart since she allowed her CEO to let go of staff just before Christmas last year, so her magazines don't mean anything to me anymore.  I know it had something to do with the fiscal year. (My employer use to do the same thing until we told him the harm lay offs did to families around Christmas, so he changed his way of thinking.)  Fiscal years should be second to families' well being.  I will never desire to buy any of her products again.  They've lost their luster.

I scrubbed the powder room.

The hardwood floors received a good steam clean.

A loaf of bread went in the bread maker, but didn't mix well.  The loaf was cut up for bread crumbs with the unmixed portion cut away.

I paid 2 bills.

I made caramel sauce from heating up a can of sweetened condensed milk in the crockpot.

The can of milk after it spent 8 hours in the crockpot.  I made it for the grands when they have ice cream with grandma.

I guess I had a busy week.  What did you accomplish this week?
I cut the butter for the frosting in small chunks so it would come to room temperature quickly.

My contribution before the white frosting was slathered on.


It may be a bit difficult to see the basket because it's a shade of white.  There it is, in front on the right.  She also got me the wreath on sale for 2.50 last year.  I think she smells a bargain and is led right to one in the store.


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