Saturday, November 8, 2014

Them There Carrots Look Pretty Silly!

Thursday was a no spend stay at home day.  The day was an easy one with a couple of things getting accomplished.

If you read yesterday's post you know I cleaned out the refrigerator, finding 5 pounds of carrots I forgot I had.  Today was the day I took care of those carrots.  A few I washed and dried then put back in the refrigerator.  Those will be for carrot bread, Thanksgiving dinner, and/ or carrot and raisin salad.  I know carrot and raisin salad is from the 80's, but it is one of my favorites.  You could say I'm not all that progressive when it comes to that side dish.

I took ten of the largest carrots and washed them well.  After they were peeled and the ends cut off they went into the processor to be thinly sliced.  A short 3 minute bath in boiling water followed by an ice bath and they were ready to be pat dry and go into the dehydrator.

They reside in there as we speak.  An hour or a little more and they will be ready to be corralled in a glass jar with the air pumped out.  They will be fast food during the winter months for goodies like cream of carrot soup or frosted carrot bread.

The carrots started out like this...

And ended up like this!   Five  trays of squiggly little things.

To a pint jar filled with goodness.  I used the Food Saver to remove air.

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