Monday, November 24, 2014

The Christmas Table Will See Food From My Garden

When I wake up in the morning my first line of business is getting cleaned up then sitting with my ISOTONIX vitamin drink ( )  and checking out the yoo toob videos of my favorite posters.  This morning was a bit different because I slept until after nine and the pup had to go out.  Can you imagine my surprise when the door opened and it was in the mid seventies?  The pup was so happy she's laying in the rocks soaking in the heat.

I was happy because my first thought was my winter garden plants and the question of their survival.  My happiness quickly turned into excitement as I raked the protective layer of leaves off the tiny seedlings.  Oh my God!  Thank you for protecting my efforts.  Every type of plant, including the garlic, survived the freezing temperatures.  Even the garlic has begun to break it's way through the soil.  The spinach, carrots, lettuce, beets, and radishes - along with the strawberries and even the rose bush - survived.

Radishes happily searching for sun light.

There are only three beets out so far.  This is encouraging to me to look for the rest of them each morning.

Not too many carrots are up yet.

The spinach has the largest yield so far.  Two nice rows of my favorite veggie.

The garlic is from the crop I grew last year.  This is the crop that is most exciting to me.  My efforts are being rewarded.

The parsley is also from seed from a plant I grew during the summer.

You may remember that the rose bush was from a small plant my daughter gave me for Mother's Day.  Oh baby, how you've grown.

The strawberries have quadrupled in size from the small five plants that went in the ground in the late spring.

Can you see why I'm so excited?  The food won't be ready for Thanksgiving, but I'm counting on some of it for Christmas dinner.  After four years of research and failure, I am growing a garden with a 100% success rate.   What a terrific Christmas gift this is.


  1. Oh what a Christmas feast you'll have! So happy for you!

  2. Thank you, Re Re. The table would be much fuller if you could join us.