Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Week Spent in the North with Family.

I just came home from a week in the North visiting two of my children and a bunch of grandchildren.  Please note, when I go away for an extended period of time I don't feel it's prudent to post that I'm gone.

I had a great time.  Time bonding with my son for two days felt so good.  We went to a favorite local hot spot and bought Italian food that you just can't get in the South.  A big pot of sauce was waiting for me on the day I arrived and we had to discuss whose sauce was the best.  I rooted for mine because the recipe came from my grandmother.  He's a chef so he was all about his version.  Either way, it was good.

My daughter in law is starting school later this month to be a medical assistant.  So she was excited.  With the excitement came a bit of apprehension - which is to be expected.  The program is local, so during the harsh winter it will be easy for her to get to her destination. 

My daughter in law brought three children into the marriage.  All of them adore my son and are very relaxed when they're at home.  I was pleased to see they blend well together as a family.  The 14 year old is industrious and a go getter.  He's even bringing his grades up.  He can clean and scrub a bathroom until it sparkles and helps his parents around the house without complaint.

The eight year old is shy and quiet  - until she's comfortable with a person.  Then she becomes a chatter box!  How refreshing it is to see the confidence and secure feeling of a little girl.  We had three girls so I felt comfortable with her exuberance.  She gave up her bed for me so Hello Kitty and I developed a relationship.

Her third child was spending time with his dad, so I was unable to see him.  maybe next time.

Since time was limited and I wanted to see two of my friends, we all met at a local hot spot for dinner.  I had a good time and I was reminded how fortunate I am that time and distance has not diminished relationships.  I wanted to meet up with another friend, but her daughter just had a baby and she was a busy grandmom.

Then off to my daughter's house.  She just moved in two weeks ago.  What a delightful home build in 1940.  They renovated - and still are in the process, but most of the living area is complete.  The kitchen was gutted because the floor was rotted through when they purchased the house.  Even though they stressed about the choices that needed to be made with coulters, cabinets, and flooring, the finished product is beautiful.  I'm not sure if the end result was worth the stress, but the kitchen is a dream.  One thing a mom does is butt in to help arrange a kitchen.  We tweaked a few things and added a couple of personal touches to the counter and the finished project was very nice.

I played American Girl dolls with the four year old and slept with the five year old's bunny.  He said I could keep the bunny, but had a change of heart when he understood he would not  see bunny if grandma took it home with her.

The one year old loved playing peek a boo and baby monster.  She would growl like a dinosaur and laugh at herself when she was done.

My daughter and I bonded at Victoria's Secret choosing a birthday gift for her.  The one year old did very well in the store.  The four year old loves to shop, but wondered why we only went to a mommy store.  So grandma had to go to Target to check out toys.

One last thing.  My son in law broke his foot carrying a TV up to the in law apartment for me.  The worse part is I didn't even know he was doing it and never heard the cuss words coming from his mouth when he tripped.  But, he continued up the stairs anyway and set up the TV for me.  The next morning the urgent care sent him home in a boot and directions to contact an orthopedic doctor. 

He went to work that day and couldn't understand why he was so tired.  LOL  My daughter explained to him how the body needed to heal, so yes indeed, he would need to curtail his hours a bit. 

The broken foot didn't curtail his interaction with his children.  He did, however, fall asleep in 'the' chair early.

I'm home now.  Enjoying the warmth and rain.  Happy to see my Southern children and grandchildren, yet missing my Northern family.  Already.

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