Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Good Day

Even though the weather was a bit to be desired, I had a good day.  With the bed made and dishes done my daughter and I met for lunch.  She's a science teacher, but had a few medical appointments today so she got her favorite sub to take her classes and spent most of her day at appointments.

Lunch was a big burger  on a large Italian roll with onion rings.  We normally order water with lemon as drinks to hold down on the calorie count. (and bill)  Both of us brought home half a burger for another meal.  That's how big the burger was.

I went to the mall across the street to return a couple items.  I bought some refills for my plug in air freshner that were cinnamon scent.   After I learned how to open them, the opened one took some of the finish off my washing machine lid.  I decided if it was capable of doing this, I probably wouldn't want it smelling up my house and breathing it in.

At home I ordered a couple of Christmas gifts from Kohl's using my two coupon codes and paid 38.46 for two gifts that were originally 53.00 and some change.  The total out of pocket expense included shipping and tax.  The $53.00 and change was the total for just the items.  No Kohl's cash, but I was satisfied with the deal I got.  When the numbers go up to 100.00 I will receive a $5.00 gift card from Kohl's.  Thank you Mr. or Mrs. Kohl!

On to amazon. com to find 2 more items as gifts with a cost of zero.  I attach my credit card points to the site to purchase gifts for family that is not local.  Saves a bundle on shipping, too.

I talked to a friend on the phone for a bit before lying down for a rest.  No nap today, but the rest felt good.  The pup laid next to me and did nap.  Since she is older, napping is her best 'activity.  I have to play games with her for her to exhibit any enthusiasm. 

The day is ending with the wind howling and me sitting in front of the fireplace watching a couple Law and Order episodes.

What did you do today?

Our daughters a few years back.  The eldest is pregnant with her first child.  The two standing behind her were not married yet.  Among the three of them today, there are seven grandchildren. 

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