Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I Got Inspired Today

There are times I read other blogs and get inspiration for a post on Angie's House.  Today is one of those posts.  I read a blog called 'A New Life in Wales'.  Today's post was about her garden, yummy food she's made, and gifts she has received from readers.  I felt uplifted after reading the post.  She was so happy that I could feel it through her writing. 

God bless her heart.  She has found the perfect spot to feel the freedom and contentment we often search for.  I asked myself if I am content where I am.  I'd have to say I am.  I feel protected in my home.  I have woods behind my house to bring on a feeling of calm and the music of nature.  My little yard produces food and beauty and my home is finally pulled together with a comfortable environment.  My time is taken up by things I like to do, even nothing, if I choose.

I have friends and family that are kind, loving and respectful and feel about life the same way I do.  We laugh together, nurture each other, listen with compassion when the need arises and we all pray for each other when a need arises.   I could ask for no more in life at this time.

Pam ( A New Life in Wales blogger) is meeting new people in her village who help her learn and are kind to her.  She is enriching her life with adding beauty to her garden and appreciating the smells from her kitchen. 

You see it's not the things we surround ourselves with that bring on contentment or happiness.  It's the simple things that we learn to appreciate that make us whole.  A purr of a kitten, the beautiful colors of flowers, the smell of baking bread, a laugh with a friend, all of these and more are what make life content.  A life that was given to us as a gift - one we truly appreciate - can be enjoyed by embracing the little things.

You can find Pam's blog here: 


  1. Thank you Angie, I am as happy and content as I could ever wish to be. I am living my life exactly as I wish and loving it. I am rich in all the things that matter to me and could ask for nothing more. I was asked once what I would do if I won the lottery, I said then that I had no idea, but as I did not buy a ticket it would be a miracle. If I was asked the same question today my answer would be the same. I have everything that I need, most of what I want and time to enjoy it.

  2. And that happiness comes out in your posts. I'm very happy for you.