Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Giving Permission to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Until recently, it was a difficult task for anyone to get me to spend money when it related to me in any way.  I would spend it on my family, but not myself.  I was cautious because one never knew what was waiting around the bend. That is what becomes of a person's thought process when family members are ill for long periods of time.

Three months ago I had an awakening.  It was when my daughter asked me if I planned on being the richest person in the cemetery.  No, that was never my intention.  My intention was to be prepared for a catastrophe.  I realized then I was so programed for catastrophes that I was denying myself the little pleasures in life.  Things like a glass blown pumpkin, a terrific candy bar, the really good hair color.  I have recently purchased those three items.

Today, for the first time, I went into Michael's craft store to browse, even though I had buying yarn on my list.  I don't think that store missed any thing when it comes to crafting.  I had to ask what a couple things were for, then I stopped asking and relaxed while I browsed.  I wouldn't know what to do with most of the items available.  I do know what to do with yarn.  I bought two skeins of 100% wool yarn to make dryer balls for stocking stuffers.  They were on sale for 4.99 a skein.  I can get five sets of two out of those two skeins.  I like dryer balls for two reasons: 1.  Once they are made there is no longer a cost associated with using them, and 2.  They are environmentally friendly - not only to the environment - but because there is no petroleum in them your skin is safe from oily residue that dryer sheets and liquid softeners leave behind. 

I also bought a large skein of yarn and a small skein to make slippers with.  The brown yarn will be a friendly color for walking around and the light pink will add that touch of 'girliness' we all benefit from.  The large skein was not on sale, but I used a 40% off coupon for purchase.  So the cost was 6.50 for the large skein and 1.99 for the small pink one.  All of the yarn was made in the USA.  Another plus for me because I'm trying to be aware of where things come from.  A word of caution - I am not a Nazi about this - or anything else.  I feel good when I buy an American product, but I realize everyone in the world needs to make money to feed and care for their families.

On to my second purchase (type).  Disposable bread pans and cupcake holders for Thanksgiving dessert.  They're so cute and will enhance my baked goods.

None of these items were a necessity.  They were fun to buy with the dream of what they will become.  I'm learning how to dream.  It feels so good to shed some of my fear and enjoy life a bit more.

How about you, dear reader?  What do you do to enhance your life - just a little?  Comments are a welcome treat for me.

Stay safe.

Look at all this gorgeous yarn.  Soon to be made into items that will be useful.  I love it!

Buying the items for Thanksgiving baking was fun.  Giving myself permission to spend the 7.00 was enlightening.  I also bought ribbon for Christmas gifts that match my Dollar store wrapping paper.  The paper is the same pattern as the bread pans pictured here.

Making Dryer Balls
This will only work with 100% wool yarn.
Make a tightly wound ball, pulling on the yarn to tighten it up as you wind.  You can make the ball any size you want.  Finish it off by tucking the end deep into the ball.  The most time consuming part is the ball needs to go through the wash on (at least) warm to hot and in the dryer three times.  It will then be 'felted' and never come apart.  After that use it as much as you'd like in the dryer.

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