Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Week's accomplishments

This week has been an active one.  I have been accomplishing more lately.  I think the lazy week I had a while back made me upset.  Writing a post about accomplishments encourages me to not be so lazy.  This week I:

Pickled five more jars of cucumbers.  I used some from my garden and 16 from the free ones my daughter got from a farmer at the market.

Vacuumed and Swiffered the entire downstairs.  I need to steam the hardwood floors this week.

Scrubbed down the master bathroom from floor to ceiling.

Ripened free peaches from a local farm to make jam today.

Watered the garden every evening.

Washed down the table and bird bath on the patio.

Covered the new blackberries with the cheese cloth shroud.

Cut the grass.  It needs it again, but a rain storm just passed through so I will have to wait until the grass is dry later today.

Did three loads of laundry.

Cooked bacon for BLT's and ate two sandwiches.  Yummy.

Made sauce with tomatoes from my daughter's garden.

Made noodles to go with the sauce.

Picked a very large cucumber and removed the seeds for next year's garden.

Washed and dried the seeds.

Cut up the cucumber for more pickles.  It will easily make two jars.  I have enough small ones for two more jars.  Then all of the pickle supplies will be exhausted.  I have the veggies and more brine in the refrigerator.

Talked to 2 friends and my daughter that lives up North.

What did you accomplish this week?  Comments are moderated, but welcome.

Stay safe.
The one large cucumber nearly filled a bowl to the top.  This batch will be cut in chunks.

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