Monday, July 21, 2014

An Italian Feast or Eat, Angie, Eat

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  My daughter received some pickling cucumbers from a friend.  Twenty five of them, so enough for a six jar batch of pickles.  I first thought I would get the spices I needed to make bread and butter pickles.  But, I have enough of the veggies needed for dills left over from last week's batch.  So dill it is.

Today I spent time in the kitchen making home made tomato sauce.  The tomatoes came from my daughter's garden, with only one bag left over from my last year's harvest.  The garlic came from my garden and the cheese (sheep's cheese) came in the mail as a gift from a friend.  I have to say it is so delicious.  I soaked a piece of Italian bread in the sauce to test it.  The best.  Thank you, Gramma D for the old world recipe.

The tomatoes were wizzed in the processor, skins and all.  The veggies and sausage was added along with spices.

Here it is, almost completely cooked.  Tomorrow I will make meatballs and add them to the sauce.  Whenever all of the family members are available, we'll munch down on a fine meal.  I think adding  green beans, cucumbers, and tomato salad from the garden and a loaf of home made bread will round out the feast. 

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