Sunday, June 22, 2014

Huh?, Then WooHoo

Quite a few households in the USA  are proud owners of a Swiffer dry mop.  An ingenious idea thought up by a team of uncelebrated scientists.  Along with the Swiffer comes the expense of the dry 'static' cloths that need to be consumed each time the mop is used.  Some of us frugal hackers have reverted to attaching old rags to the mop in place of the expensive disposable cloths.  I try to reduce my carbon footprint, so I have used the rags (old washcloths) for years.

 Recently I did buy a box of disposable cloths.  Today the box was empty.  I sucked it up and went for a rag that I knew I had to wash out.  Eureka!   Under the sink in front of the bag of rags was a roll of (drumroll, please) paper towel.  I use approximately two rolls of paper towels a year.  For jobs that I don't want to wash out rags, such as when the pup has an upset stomach.

Do they work?  They aren't the 'static' sheets like the disposable cloths brag about.   Guess what?  The disposable cloths are not created with static.  The static appears when they are rubbed against the hard surface of the floor.  The paper towel did a great job of cleaning the dusty wood floors.  I love it!

So I know I will be purchasing an additional roll of paper towel this year.  Maybe two.  But, it will be quite a bit less expensive than the 30 count box of off brand dry cloths I have bought in the past.

You know, of course, I will combine a coupon and a sale to buy the paper towel.  The dry cloths are
never on sale.

I swear the floors looked clean.


  1. I buy my dry Swifter-type wipes at Dollar Tree. The paper towel idea is good, though. I found out today Lysol wipes (tearing off two instead of one) work as Swifter wet wipes. I broke down recently to buy the Lysol wipes. Normally, I make my own cleaner. We're in serious need of a "spring" cleaning--and yes, I know I'm late--and buckets, rags and homemade cleaners will only serve to help us putting a MAJOR cleaning off. Thinks like wiping cabinets, walls and floor boards down.

  2. Just found your blog today through a comment on Rhondas. I'm enjoying reading it so much. I have a blog but have neglected it. I have been trying g to live more simply and love reading how others are managing. I live in the mountains in upstate NY but I grew up in New York City. I have 5 dogs and I vacuum and mop constantly to keep up with dirty paws and furballs. After I always swift up whatever I missed but was spending too much on them. I love to crochet so I got the idea to crochet some cotton cloths for swifter stick. I made a couple and wow are they great. They pick up everything and they are washable. I willnever buy a box of those cloths again. That's my little start to being frugal and living simply. Take care.

  3. A big welcome to you, Sharon. You live in my old hunting grounds. The beauty is unsurpassed in that part of New York, but the winters really hurt this old body. I want to learn how to make the dish cloths Rhonda talks about. That is my next project. You have a head start on the simple life. Moving to a more rural area is a great beginning. I learned lots from old time farmers when I lived there. They are a wealth of information. Good luck on your simple life adventure. As soon as I can figure out how to link up Rhonda's blog to mine, it will be a done deal. My other favorite blog is the Prudent Housewife. That woman is a God sent to us, too.