Monday, June 16, 2014

Dollar Store - I Wouldn't Call it a Haul

After I left my daughters on Saturday I made a quick stop at the Dollar Tree to grab a few more candles for the decorations at our son's wedding.  There was an interesting display on an end cap at the front of the store.  It was wise to place these items on the end cap because I would never go down the aisle with the automotive items.  I would assume most females pass that aisle up.  For three dollars I found 3 items to help keep my car in good condition.

I got a package of glass wipes with forty wipes in it.  For a dollar!  Not the $4.69 the big name company charges.  Also I picked up a package of forty interior car cleaners.  Not the same price as the big name company charges either.  They smell different, but they have a nice smell to them.  More like baby wipes.  They do the job as well without leaving a residue.

Since I have a difficult time pulling out glass cleaner to wash windows in the house, I brought the glass wipes in the house and tested them on the slider.  With purpose I wiped down the glass when the sun was shining on it.  No streaks.  The wipe lasted long enough to clean the inside and the outside.

The third item is a sun shield for the front window of my vehicle.  It's not as heavy as a more costly one, but the  same principle is used.  I'm not too fond of this item because the straps to hang it up on the visor are misplaced.  I use it to protect the seats from cracking and fading, but would not suggest it's a good product.

The Dollar Tree is hit and miss.  For me, mostly hit. The good thing is you're only out one dollar if an item doesn't work out.  I normally take back what doesn't work and they credit you.  Knowing I'll return, that works for me.  I can't get upset over an item that I am experimenting with for a dollar.  Besides, Dollar Tree accepts coupons!

I'm a believer.

Do you shop at a dollar store?  What great items have you found?

My three finds at the Dollar Tree.  Two out of three I would suggest.  The sun shield is a no go.


  1. What I regularly buy (exclusively) at Dollar Tree: greeting cards, wrapping paper, tape, fresh tortillas, dried herbs & spices, bottled steak sauce, soy sauce, dry pasta, dry beans, onion soup mix, and toothpaste. I've also purchased silk flowers and tea light candles there, seasonal decorations and mailing supplies.

  2. I'd like to do the math on how much you save each year by purchasing those items for a dollar. The best items I use are the wrapping paper and gift bags, scotch tape, frozen veggies and fruit, (no additives), name brand bread, bubbles for the kids, coloring books and work books, chalk for the little sidewalk designers in the family, silk flowers, balloons, aspirin (they work just as well as the name brand)