Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Clutterbug, Clutterbug, Go Away.

Today there's a movement happening across the country.  People are downsizing.  Not their living space, but rather what they keep in their living space.  Gone are the days that each room is filled with small items cluttering up every surface.  This, it seems,  is especially true in the kitchen.  We've bought the rice cookers and gadgets.  Now we see they take up valuable space.  We seldom use the gadgets.  We've become a nation of downsizing. 

For me this is a good thing.  I have a difficult time being surrounded with multiple items.  I like my freedom in my environment.  I like that there is room for people to visit and not have to compete for space.  The owner of the company I worked for once told me all real estate needs to be used proficiently.  He was right.  My home is my real estate.  I took this to heart and began uncluttering.  I felt so much better and at peace in my home.

I began in the kitchen.  I will say, though, that even to this day I see a kitchen item that catches my eye in the store and have to ask myself where would I put it.  I (like most women I know) love kitchen items.  What do I need in the kitchen?  Here's a basic list to get you thinking.

1. Hand can opener
2. Rubber spatulas
3. Ladle
4. Bread knife
5. Paring knife
6. Chef's knife
7. Large spoon for stirring food while it cooks
8.Tea ball
9. 12 inch fry pan
10.2 pots, one small, one larger
11.Pasta pot
12.2 sets of stacking bowls
13.Glass storage  containers
14.6 mugs
15.6 glasses
16.Dish set
17.Water pitchers (A weakness of mine) 3 every day ones and 2 'fancy' ones
18.Measuring cups, 1 2 cup glass and a set of dry measures
19.Measuring spoons
20. Food processor
21 9x13 pan and carrier
22.8x8 pan
24. Glass canister set for dry goods (on the counter)
25.Coffee pot (counter)
26.Butter dish (counter)
27.Salt and pepper (stove)
28.Kitchen Aid mixer (counter)
29. Rasp
30.Cheese grater
31.Drying dish pad
33. Food Saver

I'm sure I've forgotten a few small items, but the basics are listed.  Very few small appliances that are not in daily use taking up real estate.  That's something I take pride in.  I try to keep my muscles strong by utilizing hand methods while in the kitchen.  I keeps me young and strong.

There is one plaque that states: ' I'll have a caffe' mocha vodka valium latte to go please'.

Since I like to bake my dry goods are displayed on the counter.  For me it makes life easier.


  1. Just this morning my husband & i were cleaning our kitchen & both comment that we have way too much unnecessary stuff in there. I have a rice cooker (i prefer to use the saucepan) muffin cooker (i prefer to use a muffin tin in the oven) & we have a ridiculous amount of glasses for a family of 2 adults & a 22 month old. I will be getting a box & over the next few days i'll fill it with items i don't use to donate to charity. I do dream of owning a kitchenaid one day, they are about $800 here in Australia, 2nd hand ones sell for around $500! I might need to put away $10 a week for a year or so to buy one. (By the way, i found your blog through 'Down to Earth' i'll be reading through all your old posts.

  2. A big welcome Freckles! It's so nice to see someone from Australia reading. Congratulations on the little one. I just have a hard time passing up little ones. You talk about a Kitchen Aid. Do you know I was married in 1969 and finally could afford one in 1999. I waited 30 years and absolutely am so glad I stayed focused. I was wondering if the mixer would be more affordable on I'm not sure if that site is available in your country, though. Good luck with de-cluttering. I know you will be happy with the results. Keep me updated on your progress.