Monday, May 9, 2011

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 05/08-05/14

On the 1/2 page wrap

2 double 1.00 coupons

PC butter in store coupon, 1.99 (limit 1)

In store coupon, 3.00/15.00 Angus beef

PC boneless country ribs, BOGO

Angus top round, BOGO

80% ground beef, 2.59 lb

Picture of Thomas' Original English Muffins 6 Pack

Thomas English muffins, B1G2

Picture of Freihofer's Whole Grain or Split Top BreadPicture of Freihofer's Hearty Bread
Friehoffer breads, B1G2
Picture of Fresh Red Ripe Grape Tomatoes

Grape tomatoes, pint, BOGO

Picture of Nabisco Oreos
Oreos, 2/5.00

Picture of Klondike Ice Cream Bars
Klondike bars, 6 pack, 1.99

Picture of Paseo 2-Ply Bath Tissue 12 Roll or Paper Towel 8 Roll
Paseo TP, 12 rolls, 4.00

Picture of Plumrose Ham Steaks
Plumrose ham steaks, 12 oz, BOGO

Picture of Perdue Breaded Chicken Patties
Purdue chicken patties, nuggets, strips, BOGO

Ground turkey, 3 lb pack, 6.79 (2.26/lb)

Picture of Oscar Mayer Beef Franks
Oscar Mayer hots, BOGO

Picture of Fresh Crisp Green Beans
Green beans, 1.29 lb

Picture of Fresh Price Chopper White Mushrooms
Mushrooms, 8-10 oz, BOGO
Picture of Fresh T. Marzetti Simply Dressed Dressing
Marzetti simply dressed dressings, BOGO

Picture of Fresh Sweet Kiwi Fruit
KIWI, 3/99

Picture of English Muffin Bread
English muffin bread, 16 oz, 1.00

Picture of Red Pack Crushed Tomatoes
Red Pack tomatoes, 28 oz can, 1.00, (1.00/2 Q here:

Picture of Hunt's Manwich

Manwich, BOGO (check the price on this item, they sometimes bring it way up on a BOGO sale)

Picture of Price Chopper Real Mayonnaise
PC mayo, 2.00 (great stock up item)

Picture of Chef Boyardee Ravioli
Ravioli, 1.00

Picture of Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 4 Pack
Hunt's 4 pack pudding, 1.00

PC relish, 1.00

Picture of Price Chopper Cut Green Beans
PC select frozen veggies, 12-16 oz, 1.00

Picture of Celeste Cheese Pizza For One
Celeste for One pizzas, 1.00

Picture of Purex Laundry Detergent
Purex laundry soap, select sizes, BOGO

Picture of 6-Pack Annual Plants
Annual plants, 6 pack, 2/5.00

Picture of Frozen Tilapia
Frozen tilapia, 1lb, BOGO

These items are the highlights of the sale items this week.  You can find a complete list here:!/

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