Monday, May 2, 2011

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 05/01-05/07

Picture of Fresh Sweet California Strawberries 2 lb. Container
strawberries, 2 lb 2.99

Picture of Price Chopper Fresh Split Grilling Chicken
Split chickens, 1.69

Picture of Hofmann Skinless Meat Franks
Hoffman hots, 3 lb, 8.99

Picture of Prima Familia Italian Style Meatballs
Prima meatballs, BOGO

Picture of Certified Angus Beef Whole Eye Round
Whole Angus eye roast, 2.99 lb

Philly sandwich steaks, BOGO

Picture of Price Chopper Fresh 100% Certified Ground Round
PC ground round, 3.59 lb

Picture of Ball Park Beef Franks
Ball Park franks, BOGO, 1.00/1 here

Plumrose ham slices, BOGO

Picture of Fresh Eurofresh Roma Tomatoes on The Vine
Plum tomatoes on the vine, 1/2 price (2.00)

Picture of Fresh Price Chopper White Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms, 8oz, 2.00

Picture of Rye Bread 1 lb.
In store rye bread, BOGO

Picture of California Sourdough Bread
In store sour dough bread, 1.00
Picture of Pede Cheese Ravioli
Pede ravioli, BOGO

Picture of ALL Old El Paso Products
Old El Paso items, 25% off, .60/3 Q here:

Kraft mac and cheese, 1.00

Picture of Price Chopper Whole Kernel Corn
PC canned veggies, corn, beans, peas, .49

Picture of Lawry's Marinades
Lawery BBQ sauce, BOGO

PC albacore tuna, .99

Picture of Freihofer's Italiano! Bread
Friehoffer's Italian bread, BOGO

Picture of Arnold Sandwich Thins
Arnold sandwich thins, BOGO

Picture of Price Chopper Tall Kitchen Bags
PC tall trash bags, BOGO

Picture of White Bread 2 Pack
In store white bread, 2/2.00 (have it sliced for free)

Select DVDs or CDs, 4/10.00

NOTE  Page 19 has a deal.  Spend 40.00 on the listed P and G items, get .50 off on gas.!/

NOTE page 20 has a special deal.  Spend 30.00 on Pepsico items on the page, get .30 off per gallon of gas.  Based on shelf price, not your final cost.  This has been tried and true.  I'm not certain of the other 2 offers, but I would ask.

ALSO  on page 20,  Spent 20.00 on Conagra foods, get .20 a gallon.!/

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