Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Frugal Christmas Starts Now

Let's talk about children's gifts.  Setting up a scenario for Christmas this year let's say there is one toddler in your home (2-3 years old).   The 2 posts before this one have ideas for frugal gifts.  They are good items that are well made.  And, they're new items available at reputable retailers.

Gifts for your toddler include:
1.  V Tech Helicopter, 9.99 (.99 shipping) Kohl's
2.   2  3 packs of Diego undies, 6.40 (.99) Kohl's
3.   Melissa and Doug tool set, 7.49 Amazon
4.   Webkinz Monkey, 12.51 Amazon
5.   Melissa and Doug geometric block set, 13.49 Amazon

No shipping on the last 3 items because the total is over 25.00 on amazon.

The total for your toddler for Christmas gifts is 51.86 for 5 gifts.  I would throw in some play clay, large crayons and a couple of small cars.  All on sale and national brands is my choice .  A big orange and a ball stuffed in a stocking with a sweet treat or two is also a good addition.  So let's add 20.00 to the total.

Grand total:  71.86 plus tax takes care of Christmas for your toddler.

This is easy to save for. Putting away 10.00 a month for 7 months will take care of your toddler's gifts.  If you could put away 10.00 a week for all of the gifts you need to buy, then you have a budget of 440.00 (11 months) for gift giving at Christmas.  There's time to search out sales and there's no debt or stress.  One side benefit is there's lots of fun enjoying family and friends.

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