Sunday, January 2, 2011

RA Buy and Save Items

This week's Buy and Save items are:

Nature Made vitamins



Cloxox bleach

Xtra laundry soap

Fluffy softner

OmSanA vegetarian supplement

Poise and Depends

Your Life multi vitamins (BOGO, 2.00 up)

Nivea active body wash for men

Just for Men or Touch of Grey

Laci super dieter's tea (2.00 up with 2)

Afrin (1.00 up and 3.00 Q in Sunday's paper)

Maalox, Gas x, ex lax ( RA rebate 2.00)

Zicam (BOGO)

Bayer products (2.00 up with 2, 1.00 Q/2 in paper)

One a Day vitamins  (Buy 1 get 50%, 2.00 up, 2.00 Q in Nestle insert)

This list is meant to get you started.  There are many more items in the flyer this week.

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