Sunday, January 2, 2011

RA Scenario

Charmin 12 pack or Bounty 8 pack, 6.99, 1.00 up reward, 1.00 Q in last Sunday's P and G insert (4.99 for 12 rolls TP / .42 roll or 8 rolls PT / .63 roll.  If you use the up rewards from buying the office supplies, one of these items is free.

3M mailing, Command or Post its B1 G1 50% off, Plus 5.00 up reward with 10.00 purchase.

Steal Deal Scenario

1 Charmin
1 Bounty
10.00 in 3M items

Original price total:

 Video Value Q 3.00 ( give this one first)
1.00 Q Charmin
1.00 Q Bounty
6.00 up rewards from office supplies
5.00 up reward earned from 3M

Final cost: 8.00, Savings 16.00

If there are RA video value coupons on these items there is more savings.  I used these items as an example to show you how simple it is to save money.  This will work on any items you need.

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