Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wrapping It All Up

I have a 'thing' for quality paper and cards.  I don't have a 'thing' for the price of quality paper and cards.  I shop frugally all year long for gifts, but also keep an eye opened for the wrapping.  I don't pay for boxes, but whenever I am in a store and purchase something, no matter what it is, I ask for a box.  I normally get the smallest one available because I know my gift items will most likely be small.  Toys and the like already come packaged, so there's no need for boxes there.

I do buy white tissue paper at the dollar store to line my free gift boxes, if the box does not come with tissue.  It adds a bit of a finished touch.

I also look for well made paper at the dollar store.  The patterns for Christmas gifts match well using the same colors but different patterns.  Once in a while I get lucky and find great paper on super sale after the holidays and into January.

For Christmas I seldom use bows and ribbon.  Too bulky and they get crushed under the tree.  If I can't find frugal tags, I simply write the name on the package in my (sometimes) best hard writing.  This year I used Avery stickers that I got free from Staples.

I did have to purchase gift bags this year, but it was the first time in 4 years.  Our kids and grandchildren leave the bags behind so I can use them again.  (No one else does this)  I have a little game I play to see how long a bag is used.  I have one that is going on it's 6th use within the family.

I found through the years of wrapping for 4 kids, that presentation is the key to acceptance.  Another important detail is to choose a gift with care.  Caring comes from the heart.  It's what others feel when they open a gift.  It's what makes a frugal gift worth a million dollars to the recipient.

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