Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where I get my Christmas Cash

My gift budget is made up of small 'donations' taken from even smaller areas.  Here's how I pay for gifts.

1)  My state has deposits on bottles and cans.  Although I personally don't drink sodas, I look for them on the ground where ever I go.  My son also donates his cans to me.  I didn't keep a record last year, but a mental note reveals this method contributed about 72.00 to my budget.

2) All of my change went into the budget.  This method contributed 195.00.

3) Rebates.  I usually go only for full rebates on a product.  This contributed to the bulk of the budget.  I didn't add them up last year, but I am determined to keep track of them this coming year as a way to encourage all of you to see the savings.

4)  Ebates, close to 20.00.  I started this in September.  This year I will use ebates all year.

5)  Swagbucks.  I haven't been obsessive about using swagbucks, but I will this year.  I made 35.00 in gift cards here.

6) Credit card points.  I always pay off the card at the end of the month so the points don't cost me anything.  I used 60 points on gift cards that bought 75.00.  Then I got another 50.00 restaurant GC from another card.  This coming year I'm going to see if I'm brave enough to use a card to pay my utilities to earn even more points for next year.  Not auto deduction, though.  I like control over what I'm responsible for, so I won't do auto anything, no matter what they offer me.

7) I also gave 3 magazine subscriptions through the coke rewards program. (ends in January)

Without the rebates factored in I saved 447.00 using the above methods.  I can't wait to see what the total will be with the rebates factored in in 2011.

To top it all off, I'm not as good at this as some other ladies I know.  Last year there was a lady who donated over 800.00 in groceries to a local women's shelter, all bought for free or under 1.00.  Now that's what I call powerful!

I hope you consider jumping on board with this challenge.  Let me know how you do.  Leave a comment under any post, I'll be able to pick it up.  We can share our triumphs and encourage each other to' get to getting'!

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