Thursday, December 30, 2010

Price Chopper, CNY and Northern Pennsylvania 12/26-1/01

Charmin 18 rolls 9.99 ,1.00 Q in PG insert  .55/ roll or .50 with Q

100 oz Tide 10.98, 1.00 Q in PG insert

Puffs 100 ct 5/5.00 1.00/6 Q in PG insert

Grape tomatoes BOGO

Porterhouse or T bone steaks 5.99lb

Mama Luca meatballs,  buy 1 get 2 free

Plum Rose sliced ham BOGO

Ground chuck 2.99lb

Pink grapefruit, 5lb bag 3.99

New England coffee BOGO

Contadina crushed tomatoes or puree 1.00

Chef Boy R Dee ravioli 1.00

Pasta Roni, Rice a Roni 1.00

Hunt's snack 4 pack pudding 1.00

Prego BOGO

Mt Olive pickles 50% off

Thomas English muffins BOGO

PC seal and snap bags BOGO

Freihofer country breads BOGO

Shrimp ring BOGO

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