Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preparing for 2011

This month, December 2010, I have received:

50.00 GC for Penney's from Credit Card points (cost of 40.00 of points)

25.00 GC for Bath and Body Works from credit card points (cost 20.00 points)

41.12 RA rebates

20.00 for doing a survey

Total 136.12

The only effort that went into making this cash was 20 minutes to do the survey and approximately 25 minutes to organize the RA run.  There were also multiple coupons to organize for the RA deal.  An additional 15 minutes to shop for the RA items.

So for an investment of 60 minutes I made 136.12.  My highest paying job never brought it that much cash for an hour's work.

This cash is the beginning of my 2011 gift money.  So even if I hand over money for a gift, it is free to buy.  I have spent 20.00 of it for 2 birthday gifts this month.

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