Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Food Lion, For My Virginia Readers 12/8-12/15

Purchase 50.00 in participating gift cards get 5.00 on next shopping trip.
(buy these in first transaction then use the coupon for the second transaction)

FL Shrimp BOGO

Cheerios or Golden Grahams BOGO

BC Cake mix BOGO

Chips Ahoy BOGO

FL canned veggies 2/1.00

4 pack Starkist tuna BOGO

Pedigree 3.5 -4.4 lb dry dog food BOGO

20 lb jug Tidy Cat litter BOGO

Purchase 12.00 in P and G participating products, get 4.00 off when using MVP card.  P and G also had a coupon insert this past Sunday. 12/5/10

Free dozen eggs with purchase of 2 Jimmy Dean Skillets

Healthy Accent cough drops 1.00 or 10/10.00

Aim or Closeup toothpaste 1.00

Green peppers .79 lb

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