Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are Women The Strength of A Nation?

Schedules and errands.  Work and dropping the kids at daycare.  Dinner and laundry.  Falling into bed after a quick shower.  The task  list for a woman is endless. 

My husband's grandmother would often say a man's work is 9 to 5, but a woman's work is never done.  I didn't quite get it then, but I figured it out a couple years later.  Women are care givers and nurturers by nature.  You only have to look at a mama cat who has kittens or a dog with a brood of puppies.  The offspring are nurtured to grow strong and healthy by the mother.  It's mom who also teaches manners and limits.

Of course human nurturing takes quite a bit longer, but the concept is the same.

Women are an extremely important piece of the big picture.  Being a woman can seem to be a thankless job and a tiresome one at times, but the power we hold to mold a nation is beyond the power of any government.

Let me explain.  Any nation is made up of small family units.  Alone the unit has little power.  Banned together, kind of like a union, the power of families is insurmountable.  Every time a child is fed well or helped with homework, disciplined with love,  or any of the small tasks that are completed each day, the power of the nation grows stronger.  Every time we console someone with an open heart that act of kindness builds strength in the unseen foundation.  Combine all of the acts of kindness and strength in a day and the foundation of a nation grows stronger with each passing moment.

For me the most important thing I do is start my day with a quick prayer.  I hand over all of the mistakes I know I'll make and ask for peace in the hearts of mankind.  I offer everything I do as prayer for someone who needs it.  Then I move forward.  I wash dishes and do laundry.  I do my blog and grocery shop.  I do all of the tasks any other woman does.  Sometimes I get angry or sad.  Sometimes I say the wrong thing to someone.   These things are looked at as negative.  But if even these mistakes are offered as prayer, we learn from them and someone somewhere benefits from them.

If we raise our families with love in our hearts, the outcome will be well worth it.  When we put our families above ourselves, the return on the investment can't be measured.  They will always love us despite our mistakes and learn to be strong, yet loving and kind adults.  These are the components of a strong nation.  These are the things we are called to do.

I would be interested in hearing what you think  benefits your family and others.  Leave a comment in the section below.

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