Sunday, November 7, 2010

What to Stockpile (Food Emergency Fund)

I like to think of stocking food as a type of emergency fund. After all if your family is facing an unforseen emergency, having the stock at home means you don't have to spend money on food for a while.

Stocked food should provide the body with vitamins and minerals that keep a body healthy. Forty boxes of cereal will provide hunger relief for a short time, but not many vitamins to keep you going in the long term.

The basic vitamins and minerals can be found in:
Canned tuna, chicken, and other meats
Fruits and vegetables
Cereals and other grain products such as breads and granola bars
Salt, which is essential to keep the body healthy
Dry milk
Flour, baking items, (baking soda and powder) sugar
dried beans
rice and potatoes
onions and garlic

Basic health and beauty items include:
toothpaste or baking soda
soap (body, dish, laundry)
antibacterial ointment
t paper

Every family can add to this list to meet individual needs. This list is a basic one meant to get you started on your project. Remember this list is in case of an emergency. If you don't eat canned meats on a regular basis, it's OK to eat them for a short period of time to get you and your family through an emergency situation.

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