Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giving This Season

No matter what the stats say, we all know the country is in a recession.  Food prices have climbed in the past few weeks and gas has gone up.  Our electric bill will rise 4% this month.  It's difficult stretching every penny to provide for our families.

It seems this would be a good time to let donations go, if not for just now.  You may have to, this would be a personal decision.  No one would blame you for waiting a while before you think of the needs outside of your family.

I made a personal decision to continue to donate.  Even one can of veggies to the church food pantry is helpful.   Someone would benefit from that food.  This can be seen with the post office food drive that's held each year.  If each household donated one food item, the local pantry would be overflowing.  Our local schools hold events with admission of a food item.  No one in my area goes without food because of the events held in my area.

Beyond that there are some things worthy of thought. 

1) The dollar store has hats and mittens.  Many schools have a giving tree that can be filled with these items.  The ones I found at Real Deals are stylish and warm.

 2) Free items from drug store shopping can be donated to a shelter or a school.

3) The ToysRUs game deal (8 games for 1.25 each post) can be used for donating or gift giving and donating.

4) Free or low cost food items are great for giving.  No one knows how much you paid for an item.

5) Dollar store flash cards or crayons or a small stocking stuffer will put a smile on a child's heart.

The gift doesn't need to be grand.  It only needs to come from your heart.

If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment.  We love suggestions.

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