Friday, February 5, 2010

Clucking Suggestions

A friend, Teresa, called me after reading yesterday's post. She has 4 children, three of them teenage sons. Teenage sons can eat all day, every day. There seems to be no end to their hunger.

Teresa became creative while solving the problem of feeding her family and staying within budget.

The problem was each of her sons would eat 2 -3 chicken breasts at a time. That's 6 - 9 breasts per meal. There are three other members in her family, so the cost was becoming prohibitive. Teresa wanted to serve healthy food so she came up with this idea.

She now serves one chicken breast per person. Teresa simply pounds the meat with a meat tenderizer hammer which makes it slender, but stretches it out. The appearance is large on the plate. This satisfies her growing men. The chicken appears to be large and their tummys are fooled - and satisfied. Hammering the meat also makes it more tender. ( I use a can of veggies to do this)

Teresa also stretches chicken by cutting it in small pieces and adding it to a favorite recipe such as Mexican dishes.

Thank you Teresa for the suggestion. It's one I haven't thought of.

Do you have a trick you use when cooking to make food go further? Please share it with us.

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