Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have created this blog to help others. It's good stewardship to share things. I want to share my knowledge and experience. I raised 4 children on a frugal budget. I was forced to at the time because we had so many medical bills. I realized it was fun. It was rewarding. It was good for my family. It was good for the community. I still live this way. It's a choice. A very rewarding choice. I also can now get what I truly want by using cash. It took many years to get out from under the medical bills. But I guess I am stubborn. I just kept going like the 'Little Engine That Could'. I'm so glad I did. Life now is so rewarding.

I also made the decision to use scripture on this blog. I could not have gotten through the ordeals of the past without the Word of Scripture to strengthen me and guide me. This may be offensive to some, and for this I apologize, but I know you can find other blogs that will fit your needs.

So climb on ladies and gents. I think you'll find the ride will be rewarding.

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