Friday, April 10, 2015

What a Gorious Day It Is!

Today's weather can be described as fabulous.  A nice breeze with warm temperatures.  No humidity just glorious sunshine - most of the day.  The olive tree and lemon tree have spent the day in the backyard.  I just brought them in because there is a small threat of rain.  I just watered them so they don't need to be in a rain shower.  I also know there was rain last night because the soil in the garden has been splashed up on the contrasting color fence.  Dirt tends to stick out on a cream colored fence.  LOL
Both of the trees were cropped when they were transplanted into larger pots.
The lemon tree has grown a number of new leaves that
are growing outward.   All of the mature Myer lemons trees I've seen are more
bush like than tree like.

I know this looks messy, but I can't wash it down just yet.
The soil already has enough water in it.

This morning was a lazy time as I went across the street at a WAWA to grab a breakfast sandwich.  They're 2/3.00 and made from good ingredients.  All real food.  They own their own dairy farm and use the products from there in their stores.  I ate one and will save the other for another meal.  (OK, the pup and I ate one!)  

The gas is always the lowest price in the area, as well.  In case you want to know, never grab gas when the truck is there filling the tanks.  The action of filling the tanks raises up any debris at the bottom of the tanks and can goo up your gas tank.

I pulled weeds this morning after inspecting the veggies.  The parsley is going strong as is the garlic.  Things like this make for a nice beginning to the day.  I put down landscape cloth behind the blackberry bush to discourage weeds and kill off the ones that are there now.  I can reach the other garden on a daily basis to weed it out, but this side goes back too far.

The blackberry bush has produced an off spring. 

The big pot I want to grow tomatoes in is now in the front yard filled with soil, peralite, egg shells. and compost.  I can see now why compost has been referred to as black gold.  I'm amazed at how the food and leaves I put in the bin last year has morphed into black soil.  Simply amazing!

The egg shells and compost waiting to meet the soil.  I've done everything
I can to provide a healthy environment for the heirloom tomatoes this year.
I'm hoping for a successful season.

I bought this pot when I moved in three years ago.  It was a good investment
because it has stood the test of time.

The Red, White, and Blue now proudly waves at the front of my home.  I have to say these past few years have been rough on our country, but the people I know have persevered and have come out strong.  Of course, the ones I know can be just as stubborn as I am.  Everyone has a good attitude and a strong belief system in place which gives them the fortitude to move forward determined not to fail.  Most everyone has adapted a simple life style embracing the free things in life rather than accumulating material 'stuff'.  I'm proud of our success, but in the secret chambers of my heart I wish more people would see what's truly important.  All in good time. 

The greenery is coming to life just in time to welcome summer.

Isn't she a beauty? 


  1. Your healthy blackberry baby could be the first of some more to appear.You can easily transplant it in autumn when the leaves
    have fallen. (If it´s growing on the wrong place) I would leave the lemon and the olive tree outside. Rain water is the best for plants as it is "soft". It also cleans the leaves of the plants and washes away the dust. Odd water can leak by the hole in the bottom of the pot. Concerning the economic situation in the USA, -- as a foreigner I cannot judge about it. I can only affirm that President Obama is very popular in Germany and an achievement like Obamacare is greatly honoured.

  2. You are correct! I woke up yesterday to another baby bush. That part of the garden will end up being dedicated to the blackberries, so I like them where they are. Thank you for the information about transplanting in the fall, though. When I get more than I need, some will go to my daughter's house.

    There are many things going on in this country that are not optimal. I know the healthcare in Germany comes from taxes. Ours does not. There are people who are low income and can't afford the premiums that are very high every month and they pay taxes. Thankfully I don't have to worry about this because of my age. The insurance for seniors is affordable for most. I hope all is well with you and your family. I bet the grands had a glorious time looking for treats in the garden on Easter.

    1. Blackberries are usually very vigorous and they can quickly make a jungle, specially the traditional sorts. But maybe yours is a thornless variety. It is quite a good method when they are guided ( horizontally) on an espalier. So they are kept under control and the berries can be picked easily.
      I am sorry I cannot show you pictures about "egg hunting" on Easter. It was so amusing for the whole family.
      I also hope you had a good time with your family.

    2. The berries do have thorns, I do believe they are the traditional ones. I have left the entire section of garden they're in with the thought it would eventually be just for the berries. There is also a section put aside just for the strawberries. The long slender section will be for veggies only.

      I also wish you could share pictures with me. Family pictures make me light and happy. Just to think we are half way around the globe and have the same interests. I find that amazing, as well as comforting. Stay safe.